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Rmg 1886O 083018

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1886-O VAM-1A2 Multi Clashed E Reverse
'''Comments:''' The Multi clashed VAM-1A2 is the "7 clash type" the grade of this coin will determine it would qualify as a V-1A2. While the "T" clash in theory is present with all 7 clashed type, standard prodigal is that the letter transfer is visible. On lower grade coins this clash may be worn away or hidden by circulation. While Leroy tagged this as a discovery, its been around for some time. The double clashed type is most common and the Multi or 7 clashed type seems to fall second in rarity in MS grades. The Single clashed VAM--1A1 is by far rarer in any grade and to date of this discovery only 1 MS example of the single clashed type is known in PCGS plastic.<br />
'''Additional Comments:''' Collaboration by: SD Members<br>
== LVA Plate Photos ==
[[image:1886-O_VAM-1A_Multiple_Clashes.jpg]][[image:1886-O_VAM-1A_Single_Clash_BER.jpg]][[image:ARS_1886_O_VAM1A_6.jpg |390px ]]<br>

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