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1878-P VAM-14.18

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Additional Photos:
'''Obverse I1 17–''' First four left stars slightly doubled towards rim. Slight doubling below front of eyelid. Right serifs of UNU of UNUM doubled towards coin center.<br />
'''Reverse A1C''' - Letters in UNITED doubled strongly on top and bottom. STATES OF AMERICA letters doubled at bottom. ONE DOLLAR letters doubled at top. Left wreath strongly doubled. Three small feathers added on eagle's right and two on eagle's left side between leg and bottom of wing.<br />
 '''Comments:''' <br />'''1.''' The VAM-14.18 is an ultra rarity with seven to ten known. This is an [[8 Tailfeather Morgan|eight tail feather]] variety. The A1c reverse is shared by VAMs [[1878-P VAM-3|3]], [[1878-P VAM-4|4]], [[1878-P VAM-5|5]], [[1878-P VAM-14.6|14-6]], [[1878-P VAM-14.7|14-7]], [[1878-P VAM-14.11|14-11]], [[1878-P VAM-14.12|14-12]], [[1878-P VAM-14.14|14-14]], [[1878-P VAM-14.17|14-17]], and [[1878-P VAM-14.18|14-18]]. All but VAMs 3 & 4 are major rarities. The finest known is a PCGS MS64DMPL, which sold in a Heritage auction in 2004. The remaining survivors are circulated examples. <br />'''2.''' The 14.18 obverse is one of ten obverses paired with the A1C reverse. Attribution can be quickly made by checking for the die crack in the ribbon bow.<br />='''Threads:''' <br /> = LVA Plate Photos =: === Additional Photos =: =
Obverse diagnostics: - Eye spike & Ribbon Bow crack:<br />
[[image:1878_8TF_VAM_14_18_Eye.jpg |383px ]] [[image:1878_8TF_VAM_14_18_Die_Crack_in_Ribbon.jpg]]<br />
The later die state has extensive cracking through the date:<br />
[[image:1878_8TF_VAM_14_18_Date.jpg |544px ]]<br />
A1C Reverse diagnostics: - 3 small feathers on left with the middle feather longest & bubble on letter F (much larger on later die states)<br>[[image:1878_8TF_A1C_Reverse_earlybubble.jpg |453px ]] [[image:1878_8TF_A1C_Reverse_feathers2.jpg |431px ]].<br /> '''The following pics courtesy of DHalladay''' <br /> <gallery mode="packed" widths=400px heights=300px>image:14.18_date.jpg|image:14.18_eye.jpg|image:14.18_cap.jpg|image:14.18_hair.jpg|image:14.18_feathers.jpg|image:14.18_doubling_ONE.jpg|image:14.18_doubling_AR.jpg|image:14.18_doubling_TED.jpg|</gallery>
== Full Coin Photos ==
Large Full Coin Copyrighted© VAM-14.18 Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy ©[[ Heritage Auctions]] ATTRIBUTED BY[[image:Variety_Slabbing_Service.jpg |link=]]<br />
<gallery mode="slideshow">
1878_RonH_VAM1878 RonH VAM-14+18_OBV_118 OBV 1.jpg1878_RonH_VAM1878 RonH VAM-14+18_REV_118 REV 1.jpg
# ANACS AU55 DMPL (possibly the same coin as the PCGS AU55)<br />

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