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Klaes 51 VAMs

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In 1963, Francis X. Klaes published a monograph, "Die Varieties of Morgan Silver Dollars". This preceded Leroy Van Allen's first published work by 2 years, and the first edition of the VAM book by 8. The Klaes book is a mere 26 pages and contains only 51 varieties, but it shows us an early glimpse of what Klaes found to be "one of the most fascinating, but least explored aspects of Morgan dollar collecting." I've gone through the Klaes book and converted his entries to VAM numbers that now represent them. <br> You will recognize many of the varieties here from popular lists now being collected, and chances are, people that have been collecting these lists have most of those here. Some comprise many VAM numbers, or simply comparing mint mark sizes. <br>
The inexpensive Klaes book is still available on the used book market if you would like to add a historic work to your VAM library. However, printed copies in circulation are becoming scarce.<br />

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