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John Roberts' Annual Lists

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'''''"It really is an expression of my personal opinion of varieties worth investing in - coins I'd be likely to buy myself given the opportunity."'''''<br />
'''''~ John Roberts ~'''''<br />
This page is an ongoing compilation of John's annual recommendations...<br />
''A Dozen VAMs for 2018''<br />
1. [[1879-S VAM-29]] busy with gouges, breaks, a DDO, and re-engraving<br />
''John Roberts' annual recommended 'buy' list of VAMs for 2014.''<br />
1. [[1878-CC VAM-28|1878-CC VAM-28]]<br />
2. [[1879-S VAM-50|1879-S VAM-50]]===<br />3. [[1880-P VAM-8|1880-P VAM-8]]===<br />4. [[1882-P VAM-24|1882-P VAM-24]] - make sure it's the early stage with the bold MPD===<br />5. [[1885-CC VAM-4|1885-CC VAM-4]]===<br />6. [[1888-P VAM-6|1888-P VAM-6]]===<br />7. [[1901-O VAM-34|1901-O VAM-34]]===<br />8. [[1902-P VAM-4|1902-P VAM-4]]===<br />9. [[1902-O VAM-54|1902-O VAM-54]]===<br />10.[[1922-D VAM-2A|1922-D VAM-2A]]===<br />11.[[1922-S VAM-10|1922-S VAM-10]]===<br />12.[[1924-P VAM-8A|1924-P VAM-8A]]===<br />
''John Roberts' annual recommended 'buy' list of VAMs for 2013.''<br />

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