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Hot 50 Morgan VAMs

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Jeff Oxman published the Hot 50 Morgan dollar book back in 2000. These are varieties that were identified in addition to the Top 100 Morgan dollars that collectors were interested in. This is quite an advanced list, as many of these varities are extrememly scarce, and a few have sold for staggering premiums in the marketplace. Out of print for years, the Hot 50 book has recently been re-published in 2008. All of these VAMs are recognized by the major grading services, although a few are lumped together under one item - aka 1921 "Pitted Reverse" at PCGS. Below are the VAMs that are recognized<br />
as Hot 50 coins.<br />
<br />
Sort by Rarity Scale - [[HOT50 Morgan VAMs by Rarity Scale|Click Here]]<br />
<br />
[[Definitions|Please click this link for the full definitions page.]]<br />
| || 1921-D || [[1921-D VAM-1B2|VAM-1B2]] || Capped "R" / Filled Die no E in WE

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