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'''Member Name:''' Jason Henrichsen – or VAMfinder on eBay and VAMworld.<br />
<br />
'''Avatar:''' My dog playing in the snow... Before that: The finest known Bar D, an NGC MS-65... And before ''that'': "Dirty" Harry Callahan.<br />
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'''About Me:''' God has blessed me with an indescribably awesome wife with whom I reside in a rural mountain community of southern CA. Thanks to my late grandmother, I’ve both loved and collected old coins since boyhood. I found myself selling coins in late '06 after watching the M3 figures disappear prompting me to leave my job as a CA licensed real estate agent. I can't remember exactly when, but I think it was early '07 that I first learned about VAMs while collecting silver dollars, since that time I've been collecting VAMs and in early '08 I really got into it. I've been further blessed to have top-notch teachers in the hobby - people like the honorable C. Logan McKechnie and the variety-vacuum Brian Raines. I now sell VAMs full-time on eBay and the VAMworld BSTA and I love doing it. I have over 60 new VAM discoveries as of November 2010 and countless revisions.<br />
<br />
A link to my eBay store:<br />
<br />
'''What I Collect:''' Contemporary counterfeits, rim cuds, die breaks, die gouges, denticle impressions, die pitting, clashed letter transfers, reeding variations (wide or overlapped), MPDs, RPMs, and anything else that looks new or cool.<br />
<br />
'''Successful Transactions:''' I've sold VAMs to many VAMworld members including Jeff Oxman, Ash Harrison, and Rob Joyce among others.<br />
<br />
'''VAM Discoveries:'''<br />
* [[1878-S VAM-17C]] (Doubled D, Denticle Impressions Obverse & Reverse)(I-5 R-6) *HIT LIST 40*<br />
* [[1926-D VAM-1C]] (Die Scratch L)(I-2 R-6)<br />
* [[1926-D VAM-1D]] (Die Break ES)(I-2 R-6)<br />
<br />
'''Non-VAM Discoveries:'''<br />
* 1949-P FS.401 (Bugs Bunny Die Clash) Earliest Bugs Bunny Known (PCGS Attributed)(MS64FBL)<br />
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