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Rmg 1887O 091115

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Discovered by Leroy Van Allen, December 2004.<br />
This coin is a [[HitList40 VAMs|Hit List 40]] Morgan Vam and a [[Elite Clashed Morgan Dollars|Super CD]] Morgan Vam.<br />
<br />
'''30A III226 · C3a (Doubled Ear, Near Date, Clashed Obverse O-L & R, Reverse TY) (189) I-4 R-6'''<br />
'''Obverse III226–''' Clashed die with weak incuse curved line next to top of Phrygian cap below U in PLURIBUS from top of O in DOLLAR from reverse, partial incuse L serif next to front of cap fold from right top of second L in DOLLAR from reverse and weak incuse line next to top of cap fold opposite first U in UNUM from right top of R in DOLLAR from reverse.<br />
'''Reverse C3a–''' Clashed die with reverse clash marks set further left and lower than normal due to slightly rotated die CCW. Portions of TY in LIBERTY show next to wreath bow top as raised vertical line and serif from upper left portion of Y at top of bow, plus raised tip from upper right serif of T next to bow top and vertical portion of Y and diagonal raised line with serif at top left of bow from T vertical shaft.<br />
<br />
'''Posted Coin Comments:'''<br />
* Big clashes and Big letter ''Transfer'' .<br />
== LVA Plate Photos ==
==Diagnostic photographs:==
||||= '''1887-O Vam-30A Raw coin, (189) I-4 R-6 ''Super CD''.''' ||<br />
|||| ''Click on photograph to enlarge. Click "Back" to return.'' ||<br />
||= [[image:rmg_1887O_091115a.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115a.jpg]] || [[image:rmg_1887O_091115b.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115b.jpg]] ||<br />
||= [[image:rmg_1887O_091115c.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115c.jpg]] || [[image:rmg_1887O_091115d.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115d.jpg]] ||<br />
||= [[image:rmg_1887O_091115e.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115e.jpg]] || [[image:rmg_1887O_091115f.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115f.jpg]] ||<br />
||= [[image:rmg_1887O_091115g.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115g.jpg]] || [[image:rmg_1887O_091115h.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115h.jpg]] ||<br />
||= [[image:rmg_1887O_091115i.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115i.jpg]] || [[image:rmg_1887O_091115j.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115j.jpg]] ||<br />
||= [[image:rmg_1887O_091115k.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115k.jpg]] || [[image:rmg_1887O_091115l.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115l.jpg]] ||<br />
||= [[image:rmg_1887O_091115m.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115m.jpg]] || [[image:rmg_1887O_091115n.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115n.jpg]] ||<br />
||= [[image:rmg_1887O_091115o.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115o.jpg]] || [[image:rmg_1887O_091115p.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115p.jpg]] ||<br />
||= [[image:rmg_1887O_091115q.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115q.jpg]] || [[image:rmg_1887O_091115r.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115r.jpg]] ||<br />
||= [[image:rmg_1887O_091115s.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115s.jpg]] || [[image:rmg_1887O_091115t.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115t.jpg]] ||<br />
||= [[image:rmg_1887O_091115u.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115u.jpg]] || [[image:rmg_1887O_091115v.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115v.jpg]] ||<br />
||= [[image:rmg_1887O_091115w.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115w.jpg]] || [[image:rmg_1887O_091115x.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115x.jpg]] ||<br />
||= [[image:rmg_1887O_091115y.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115y.jpg]] || [[image:rmg_1887O_091115z.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115z.jpg]] ||<br />
Photos by request:<br />
||= [[image:rmg_1887O_091115za.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115za.jpg]] || [[image:rmg_1887O_091115zb.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115zb.jpg]] ||<br />||= [[image:rmg_1887O_091115zc.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115zc.jpg]] || [[image:rmg_1887O_091115zd.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115zd.jpg]] ||<br />||= [[image:rmg_1887O_091115ze.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115ze.jpg]] || [[image:rmg_1887O_091115zf.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115zf.jpg]] ||<br />||= [[image:rmg_1887O_091115zg.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115zg.jpg]] || [[image:rmg_1887O_091115zh.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115zh.jpg]] ||<br />||= [[image:rmg_1887O_091115zi.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115zi.jpg]] || [[image:rmg_1887O_091115zj.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1887O_091115zj.jpg]] ||<br />
[[rmg_1887O_091115#TOP|TOP]]<br />
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