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Rmg 1880S 121415

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=1880-S VAM-63A Doubled Date, Die Gouge L=
Discovered by Ben Wengel, June 2008<br />
<br />
'''63A III2 37 - C3b (Doubled Date, Die Gouge L) (188) I-2 R-5'''<br />
'''Obverse III2 37 –''' Entire date is doubled. 1 doubled slightly below upper crossbar. First 8 doubled on surface at lower right outside of upper and lower loops and at top right inside of lower loop. Second 8 doubled at lower left of upper loop. 0 doubled at left and right outside at top and bottom.<br />
'''Reverse C3b –''' Normal die of C3 type with very large centered and upright VI S mint mark. Die gouge above L in DOLLAR.<br />
<br />
'''Comments:''' Later die state of [[1880-S VAM-63|VAM-63]]. There are other C3b reverses but I've only listed the shared reverse of 63A and 92 as they both have the die gouge above L in DOLLAR.<br />
This obverse shared with [[1880-S VAM-63|VAM-63]] and VAM-63A. This reverse shared with VAM-63A and [[1880-S VAM-92|VAM-92]].<br />
<br />
'''Threads:'''<br />
<br />
== LVA Plate Photos ==
[[image:1880-S_VAM63A_gougeL.jpg]]<br />
* Collaboration by: rmg/lae2<br />
=Diagnostic photographs:=
||||= '''1880-S VAM-63A Raw Coin, (188)I-2 R-5.''' ||<br />|||| ''Click on photograph to enlarge. Click "Back" to return.'' ||<br />||= [[image:rmg_1880S_121415a.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415a.jpg]] ||= [[image:rmg_1880S_121415b.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415b.jpg]] ||<br />||= [[image:rmg_1880S_121415c.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415c.jpg]] ||= [[image:rmg_1880S_121415d.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415d.jpg]] ||<br />||= [[image:rmg_1880S_121415e.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415e.jpg]] ||= [[image:rmg_1880S_121415f.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415f.jpg]] ||<br />||= [[image:rmg_1880S_121415g.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415g.jpg]] ||= [[image:rmg_1880S_121415h.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415h.jpg]] ||<br />||= [[image:rmg_1880S_121415i.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415i.jpg]] || [[image:rmg_1880S_121415j.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415j.jpg]] ||<br />||= [[image:rmg_1880S_121415k.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415k.jpg]] ||= [[image:rmg_1880S_121415l.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415l.jpg]] ||<br />||= [[image:rmg_1880S_121415o.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415o.jpg]] || [[image:rmg_1880S_121415p.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415p.jpg]] ||<br />||= [[image:rmg_1880S_121415q.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415q.jpg]] || [[image:rmg_1880S_121415r.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415r.jpg]] ||<br />||= [[image:rmg_1880S_121415s.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415s.jpg]] || [[image:rmg_1880S_121415t.jpg |415px |link=file:rmg_1880S_121415t.jpg]] ||<br />
[[rmg_1880S_121415#TOP|Top]]<br />
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