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1934-P VAM-1D

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=1934-P VAM-1D=
Discovery Dec. 2011 by Bill Toland<br />
<br />
'''1D II1 - B2a (Die Gouge Rim at I) I-2 R-5'''<br />
'''Obverse II1 -''' Broken die gouge near rim to right of I in LIBERTY. Some die file lines in fields and circular depression above W in WE from possilbe die impression.<br />
<br />
'''Comments: '''Leroy noted that circular depression possilbly due to liquid droplet impression on die. There are also a few smaller depressions on the obverse as well.<br />
<br />
== LVA Plate Photos ==
[[image:WET1934P1D1_(733x800).jpg |403px ]][[image:WET1934P1D2_(781x800).jpg |403px ]]<br />
== Additional Photos ==
<br />
8/2013<br />
<br />
[[1934-P VAM-1D#TOP|Top]]<br />
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