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1903-O VAM-14

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Additional Photos:
'''14 III28 · C4a (Doubled Liberty Head and Stars) ( ? ) I-3 R-4'''<br />
'''Obverse III28–''' Liberty head profile doubled from hair to chin. All left and right stars slightly doubled towards rim. E PLURIBU letters slightly doubled at bottom inside. Outer edge of Phrygian cap slightly doubled as are some lower hair curls. Date at right edge of normal position. C3 reverse designation in update is a typo.<br />
'''Comments:'''<br />
='''Threads:''' <br />= LVA Plate Photos : ==Additional Photos: =<gallery mode="packed" widths= Additional Photos 275px heights=275px perrow=3>[[image:RBF1903-OV14-1.jpg |640px ]]<br />[[image:1903-O_VAM_14_Photo_1.jpg]]<br />[[image:1903-O_VAM_14_Photo_2.jpg]]<br />[[image:RBF1903-OV14-2.jpg |640px ]]<br />[[image:RBF1903-OV14-3.jpg |640px ]]<br />[[image:RBF1903-OV14-4.jpg |640px ]][[image:RBF1903-OV14-5.jpg |640px ]]<br />[[image:RBF1903-OV14-6.jpg |640px ]]<br />[[image:RBF1903-OV14-7.jpg |640px ]]<br />[[image:RBF1903-OV14-8.jpg |640px ]]<br />[[image:RBF1903-OV14-10.jpg |640px ]]<br />[[image:RBF1903-OV14-11.jpg |640px ]]<br />[[image:RBF1903-OV14-12.jpg |640px ]]<br />[[image:RBF1903-OV14-13.jpg |image:RBF1903-OV14-9.jpg |640px ]]<br /gallery= Full Coin Photos =
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