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1889 P Sunken or Partially Sunken Die Varieties

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==Sunken Dies of 89 P==
<br />
'''Normal Date'''<br />
[[image:camera.jpg]][[1889-P VAM-7A|1889-P VAM-7A]] High 9, Die Chips Stars & Neck<br />
[[image:VAM-Delisted.jpg]]1889-P VAM-51 Doubled Ear, Normal Date, Sunken die [DOUBLED EAR] LDS duplicate of [[1889-P VAM-30|VAM 30]])<br />
[[image:camera.jpg]][[1889-P VAM-52|1889-P VAM-52]] Doubled Ear, Die Gouges Neck Front & Star, Normal Date [[image:Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg]]<br />
<br />
'''Slanted Date'''<br />
[[image:camera.jpg]][[1889-P VAM-23A|1889-P VAM-23A]] Slanted Date, Clashed Obverse In & st ([[Hot 50 Morgan VAMs|Hot 50]] Morgan Vam)[[image:PCGS_NGCvam-horz.jpg]]<br />
[[image:camera.jpg]][[1889-P VAM-33|1889-P VAM-33]] Doubled Ear, Slanted Date, Normal Date placement<br />
<br />
'''Far Date'''<br />
[[image:camera.jpg]][[1889-P VAM-3|1889-P VAM-3]] Doubled 18-9 and Ear, Far Date<br />
[[image:camera.jpg]][[1889-P VAM-49|1889-P VAM-49]] Doubled Ear, Far Date<br />
[[image:camera.jpg]][[1889-P VAM-60|1889-P VAM-60]] Doubled Ear, Far Date '''*NEW 2014'''*<br />
<br />
'''Very Far Date'''<br />
[[image:camera.jpg]][[1889-P VAM-32|1889-P VAM-32]] Doubled Ear, High 9, Very Far Date<br />
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