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1880-S VAM-5

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1880-S VAM-5 Doubled 0
'''Obverse III2 3 –''' 0 in date is doubled at top outside at left and right. Some specimens show a die crack through B of Liberty.<br />
'''Reverse C3a –''' Normal die with medium IV S mint mark.<br />
 '''Comments;''' <br />'''1-.''' This obverse shared with VAM-5, [[1880-S VAM-6|VAM-6]] and [[1880-S VAM-18|VAM-18]].<br />='''Threads:''' <br /> = LVA Plate Photos =: =
[[image:1880-S_VAM-5_PLATE_PHOTO_5_OCT_2010.jpg]]<br />
== Additional Photos : =<gallery mode="packed" widths=300px heights=300px perrow=3>[[image:z80sdate.jpg]]<br />[[image:z80sdiecrack.jpg]]<br />[[image:z80smintmark.jpg]]<br />[[image:RBF1880-SV5-1.jpg |560px ]]<br />[[image:RBF1880-SV5-2.jpg |560px ]]<br />[[image:RBF1880-SV5-3.jpg |560px ]]<br />[[image:RBF1880-SV5-4.jpg |560px ]]<br />[[image:RBF1880-SV5-5.jpg |560px ]]<br />[[image:RBF1880-SV5-6.jpg |560px ]]<br />[[image:RBF1880-SV5-7.jpg |560px ]]<br /gallery= Full Coin Photos =
As of March 2011, ANACS has graded 12 total, from AU50-MS65.<br />
[[1880-S VAM-5#TOP|Top]]<br />

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