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1879-S VAM-60

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1879-S VAM-60 Quadrupled Stars & Date, Doubled Lower Reverse
Discovered by Bill Sampson, February 2005.<br />
'''60 III2 30 · C3s (Quadrupled Stars & Date, Doubled Lower Reverse) (182) I-2 R-5'''<br />
'''Obverse III2 30 –''' Very slightly quadrupled left and right stars towards rim and bottom of 187 plus upper crossbar of 1 & 7. <br />''Die marker–'' Small raised dot on lower jaw edge and beauty mark die chip on upper lip.overpolished des initial<br />'''Reverse C3s –''' Hub doubling of lower reverse same as 1878 P C3c reverse with doubling of outside edges of some leaves in lower right wreath and left wreath. Polished die with shallow second A in AMERICA so that doubling on tops of serif no longer visible. Slightly doubled tops of In God We Trust. Medium IV S mint mark centered and upright. <br />''Die marker–'' Single diagonal die polishing line at top of wreath bow opening.<br />
'''Comments:'''<br />
===='''1.''' Some specimens come with a rotated reverse of 5 degrees CW. '''Threads:''' <br /> ===LVA Plate Photos: = <gallery mode="packed" widths= LVA Plate Photos 350px heights=350px perrow=3>[[image:1879-S_VAM-60_Dbld_Wreath_Leaves.jpg]][[image:1879-S_VAM-60_Dot_on_Jaw_Edge.jpg]]<br />[[image:1879-S_VAM-60_Line_in_Bow.jpg]][[image:1879-S_VAM-60_Quadrupled_Stars.jpg]]<br />[[image:1879-S_VAM-60_PLATE_PHOTO_5_OCT_2010.jpg]]<br /gallery>== Additional Photos : ==Full Coin Photos =
[[1879-S VAM-60#TOP|Top]]<br />

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