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1878-S VAM-78 Die 2

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Full Coin Photos
'''78'''(revised) '''II 1 · B2au (Lines on Partial Inside Wing Feather, S Set Left & Tilted Left) (181, 185) I-2 R-4'''<br />
'''Obverse II 1–'''<br />
'''[[1878-S VAM-78 Die 1]]'''– Slightly over polished lower hair with smooth raised areas with sharp edges in hair gaps from acid Treatment to fill in missing hair. Short gouge at right side of right cotton boll. (Same obverse as [[1878-S VAM-1G|VAM-1G]] ) (185 reeds)<br />'''[[1878-S VAM-78 Die 2]] -''' Faint die doubling line below eyelid front. (185 reeds)<br />'''[[VAM1878-78 Die 3|S VAM-78 Die 3 ]]-''' Die over polished with cap ribbon divided into separated pieces with tiny die chip near forward piece. Die gouge at top inside and right inside of ear. (181 reeds)<br />'''[[1878-S VAM-78 Die 4]] -''' Two tiny die chips at end of cap ribbon. (181 reeds)<br />'''[[1878-S VAM-78 Die 5]] -''' Several vertical die polishing lines in front of eye with very slight doubling below eyelid similar to die-2. Two over polished bevels at lower right inside of ear similar to VAM-86. Die chip at top right of E in PLURIBUS and slightly doubled top right of P. (? reeds)<br />
'''Reverse B2au–''' Small III S mint mark set slightly left with slight tilt to left. R in Trust not broken. ''Die markers:''Short horizontal lines on partial lower feather between eagle’s right wing and leg with some fine vertical polishing lines on left side.<br />
(Same reverse die as [[1878-S VAM-98|VAM-98]] .)<br />
== Full Coin Photos ==
Large Full Coin Copyrighted© VAM-78 '''Die #2''' Images© on loan to VAMworld [[ courtesy]] [[image:TeletTradeLogo14.jpg]]'''®''' '''ATTRIBUTED BY Tim Barry'''<br />
[[image:1878-S_RonH_thru_TBConcrete_VAMS RonH thru TBConcrete VAM-78_Die#2_REV_0710201378 Die 2 REV 07102013.jpg |920px]]<br />

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