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1887-P VAM-26

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1887-P VAM-26 Slanted Date
=1887-P VAM-26 Slanted Date=
Revised 2015 by Mysterio to add Die 2, . Revised 2017 by tmanhg to add Die 3<br />. Revised 2018 by tmanhg to add Die 4. Revised 2019 by Andrew Wojtowich to add Die 6.<br />
'''26 (revised) III2 25 - C3a (Slanted Date) (190) I-2 R-5'''<br />
'''Obverse III2 25-''' Date in normal lateral position and slanted with 1 closest to rim.<br />
Die 2 - ''Die marker'' - Several raised lumps in top of T in LIBERTY.<br />
Die 3 - ''Die marker'' - Diagonal polish lines on TY of LIBERTY<br />
Die 4 - Date at left side of normal lateral position. ''Die marker-'' Polishing lines in RTY of LIBERTY.<br />
Die 5 - Date slightly left of middle normal lateral position. Slightly doubled Liberty head profile at nose and upper lip. ''Die marker'' - Die polishing lines in RTY of LIBERTY.<br />
Die 6 - Date left edge of normal lateral position. ''Die marker'' - Die polishing lines in RT of LIBERTY. <br />
'''Reverse C3a -'''<br />
Die 1 - ''Die marker'' - 2 small gouges protrude on the (from bottom) 10th inner feather toward the outer feathers. Unique polishing marks in TF.<br />
Die 2 - ''Die marker'' -<br />
Die 3 - ''Die marker'' -<br />
Die 4 - ''Die marker'' - Polishing lines right of wreath bow.<br />Die 5 - ''Die marker'' - Die polishing lines in wing-neck gap (same as VAM 37).<br />Die 6 - ''Die marker'' - Die polishing lines wing-neck gap.<br /> 
'''Comments:'''<br />
'''1- .''' VAM-26A was discovered with the assumption that a gouge-less VAM-26 exists and can potentially be located.<br />'''2- .''' VAM 26 die 2 is a different die/dies than VAM 26/26A<br />'''3- .''' Additional Photos for [[1887 P VAM-26 Die 2| 1887 P VAM-26 Die 2]] and [[1887 P VAM-26 Die 3]]<br />'''4.''' [ LVA Revision letter Jun 2019]<br /
'''Threads:'''<br />
'''1- . Die #1'''<br />'''2. Die #4''' [ Revision thread] <br />== LVA Plate Photos : =<gallery mode="packed" widths=300px heights=300px perrow=3>[[image:1887-P_VAM-26_PLATE_PHOTO_27_SEP_2010.jpg]]<br /><br />image:mysterio_new_1887_vam_26_die_2-plate.JPG |'''LVA Plate Photos: Die #2'''<br />[[image:mysterio_new_1887_vam_26_die_287-P-V26D3-platePLATE1.JPG]]<br /><br />jpg |'''LVA Plate Photos: Die #3'''image:1887-P VAM-26 Revised.jpg |'''LVA Plate Photos: Die #34'''</gallery><br>[[image:1887PV26D5_lines_in_RTY.jpg| 350px]] [[image:1887PV26D5_lines_in_gap.jpg| 350px]]<br><br />[[image:87-P-V26D3-PLATE1Andywoj00_87PV26D6_Polish_lines_RT.jpg| 350px]] [[image:Andywoj00_87PV26D6_Polish_lines_neck_gap.jpg| 350px]]<br />== Additional Photos =: ='''Die 2'''<br />[[<gallery mode="packed" widths=300px heights=300px perrow=3>image:JERICHO_785_1887-P_VAM-21_31_JAN_2010_DIE_CHIP_T_OF_LIBERTY.JPG]]<br />[[image:JERICHO_785_1887-P_VAM-21_31_JAN_2010_WING_GOUGES.JPG |429px ]]<br />[[image:Sentry02_1887P-Reverse-DieBreak-Combined.jpg |640px ]]<br />[[image:Sentry02_1887P-Reverse-DieBreak-Combined2.jpg</gallery><br>'''Die 6'''<br>[[image:Aw_112718a.jpg| 400px]] [[image:Aw_112718ka.jpg| 400px]] [[image:Aw_112718m.jpg |640px 400px]]<br /><br />== Full Coin Photos ==Full Coin Copyrighted© VAM-26 '''Die #1''' Images on loan to VAMworld courtesy '''©'''[[https:''// Heritage Auctions]] '''ATTRIBUTED BY ''''''Juan Arrioja ''''''and ''''''John Roberts''' '''at''' '''ANACS'''[[image:ANACS_LOGO3.jpg |link=]]<br />
<gallery mode="slideshow">
1887_RonH_VAM1887 RonH VAM-26_Die26 Die-#1_OBV_020720171 OBV 02072017.jpg1887_RonH_VAM1887 RonH VAM-26_Die26 Die-#1_REV_020720171 REV 02072017.jpg
<gallery mode="slideshow">
1887_RonH_VAM1887 RonH VAM-21_Die#1_OBV_1010201221 Die 1 OBV 10102012.jpg1887_RonH_VAM1887 RonH VAM-21_Die#1_REV_0404201321 Die 1 REV 04042013.jpg
'''Auction Archives:'''<br />
VAM-26 Die #1<br />
VAM-26 Die #2 From Heritage's auction archives another [[https:''// here]] [[https:''// here ]] [[https:''// here]] [[https:''// here]] [[https:''// here]]<br /> Full Coin Copyrighted© VAM-26 '''Die #6''' images on loan to VAMworld courtesy of Andrew Wojtowich. ATTRIBUTED BY Leroy Van Allen.<br /><gallery mode="slideshow">1887P_AW112718_Obv_LFCP.jpg1887P_AW112718_Rev_LFCP.jpg</gallery>   
[[1887-P VAM-26#TOP|Top]]<br />

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