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1921-P VAM-3FF

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=1921-P VAM-3FF '''Die File Lines Reverse'''=
Discovered by Ken1793 Sept 9, 2009<br />
<br />
VAM-3FF eliminated 2017, became VAM-3o2<br />
<br />
'''3FF IV 1 D2a (Die File Lines Reverse) (189) I-2 R-6'''<br />
'''Reverse D2a -''' Mostly vertical die file lines around eagle to remove die-clash marks with over polished middle of wings. Any possible scribbles at leg have been removed.<br />
<br />
'''Comments:'''<br />
'''1-''' UPDATE April 2012: At one time there were two separate varieties listed as VAM-3FF, one variety for scribbling scratches and another for die file lines. Leroy noted the discrepancy, and the VAM-3FF for file lines remained VAM-3FF, while the VAM-3FF for scribbles was been changed to [[1921-P VAM-3FT]].<br />
'''2-''' The marriage pictured below appears to be a stage of VAM-3'O' - aka 'goldfish clash', [[1921-P VAM-3o3]] - vampicker<br />
<br />
== LVA Plate Photos ==
== Additional Photos ==
[[image:Ken17931921P3FF.jpg |900px]]<br />
<br />
[[image:hebe.jpg |921px ]]<br />
PCGS MS65<br />
ANACS MS62 Discovery<br />
<br />
[[1921-P VAM-3FF#TOP|Top]]<br />
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