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1890-CC VAM-7

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=[[#TOP]] '''1890-CC VAM-7 Doubled CC Inside, 0 in Denticles''' Discovered by Maurice Dubreuil, December 1974. **7(revised) '''III28 · C3g (Doubled CC Inside, 0 in Denticles) ( ? ) I-3 R-3''' **'''Obverse III28'''– Top of 0 showing in denticles as raised curved bars in two adjacent denticle spaces below 0. **'''Reverse C3g'''– Doubled large V CC mint mark. First C doubled strongly on lower left inside of loop. Second C tilted slightly to right and doubled slightly on lower inside of loop.
**'''<u>Comments:</u>''' **1- The horizontal die scratch in the top-inside of the "D" of DOLLAR is not present in all specimens. **2- Shares 3g reverse of VAM-14. **'''<u>LVA Plate Photo</u>''' **[[file:1890-CC_VAM_7_Dbld_CC_Inside.jpg]] **'''<u>Additional photos:'''</u>

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