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1897-O VAM-14

No change in size, 2 August
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'''14 (Privately Made) (Later C4 Reverse, Medium O Mint Mark, Near Date) (181) R-6'''<br />
'''Obverse -''' Near date slightly tilted. Large area of raised casting flaws left of cap fold. Other raised smaller casting flaws were left of N i UUM and right of cotton boll.<br />
Reverse - Later C4 type with wide wing-neck gap that was nor used until 1900-1904. Medium III O mint mark tilted outside of D in UNITED and double vertical lines at wing edge below left S in States. Same cast counterfeit dies used with [[1893-O BAMVAM-6]], [[1894-O VAM-13]], [[1896-O VAM-25]] and [[1900-O VAM-62]] counterfeits. Metal content of 93.42% silver and 6.13% copper was simiar to sterling silver of 92.5% silver and rest copper.<br />
'''Comments:'''<br />

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