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1879-S VAM-18

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1879-S VAM-18 Doubled Date, S Tilted Left, Polishing Lines Liberty Head
'''Reverse C3b –''' Centered IV S mint mark tilted to left.<br />
''Die marker'' - Die polishing lines at wing-neck gap.<br />
Note: this reverse was used on vam 18,27,38,85<br />
'''Comments:''' <br />
'''1.''' This obverse die was used on [[1879-S VAM-17|VAM-17]], [[1879-S VAM-18|VAM-18]], and [[1879-S VAM-18A|VAM-18A]]<br />
'''2.''' Note: This reverse die was used on VAMs 18,27,38,85 & 22.<br />
-3.-The Reverse Die use sequence is VAM-38, followed by VAM-27 ,then VAM-18/18A and "lastly" VAM-85.<br />
'''Threads:''' <br />
'''1.''' [ Photos added to VAM page] <br />
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