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1879-S VAM-16A

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1879-S VAM-16A Doubled 9, Gouge in Bow
'''Comments:'''<br />
'''1-''' Later die state of [[1879-S VAM-16|VAM-16]].<br />
'''2-''' This obverse die was used on [[1879-S VAM-3|VAM-3]], [[1879-S VAM-14|VAM-14]], [[1879-S VAM-16|VAM-16]], VAM-16A, [[1879-S VAM-16B|VAM-16B]] and [[1879-S VAM-54|VAM-54]]<br />
'''3-''' This reverse die was used on VAM-16A, [[1879-S VAM-65|VAM-65]], [[1879-S VAM-75|VAM-75]] and [[1879-S VAM-80|VAM-80]]<br />
'''4-''' The Reverse Die use sequence is VAM-80, followed by VAM-65, then VAM-16A and lastly VAM-75.<br />

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