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1879-S VAMs

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Official Listing
[[image:camera.jpg]][[1879-S VAM-1H]] Polishing Line Reverse [SEEMS TO BE THE SAME DIE AS VAM 1D EDS(no clash)]<br />
[[image:camera.jpg]][[1879-S VAM-1I]] Die Gouge Eagle's Right Wing *New 2017*<br />
[[image:camera.jpg]][[1879-S VAM-1J]] Clashed Obverse n & ust, Reverse M *New 2018*[SEEMS TO BE THE LDS OF VAM 37]<br />
[[image:camera.jpg]][[1879-S VAM-2]] Normal Die with Open 9<br />
[[image:camera.jpg]][[1879-S VAM-3]] Doubled 9,S tilted Left [[image:Full-Coin_CAMERA.jpg]]<br />

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