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1880-P VAM-33B

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1880-P VAM-33B Doubled Date, Clashed Obverse In & ust
'''Obverse III2 33 -''' Clashed die with faint incuse In of In from reverse showing next to Liberty head neck, and faint incuse partial ust of Trust from reverse showing in space above right hair vee of lower hair edge.<br />
'''Reverse C3a -''' <br />
''Die 1 - Die marker -'' Vertical die scratch thru ED of UNITED. (JR note - this is LDS VAM VAM 33A with E clash worn away) . <br />'' Die 2 - Die marker '' Die polishing lines in wing -neck gap. <br />
'''Comments:'''<br />
'''Threads:'''<br />
= LVA Plate Photos: =
[[image:TRAVISBICKLE8280PV33BPLATE3.jpg|385px]] [[image:TRAVISBICKLE8280PV33BPLATE9.jpg|400px]] <br />

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