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List of Past VAM Assignments
= List of Past VAM Assignments =
[[image:Kill-The-VAM_JBx2222.jpg]]VAM 1B (Eliminated, became [[1885-O VAM-25A|VAM-25A]])<br />
[[image:VAM-Delisted.jpg]][[1885-O VAM-1D]] Die scratches wing (Eliminated, same as[[1885-O VAM-33| VAM-33]])<br />[[image:Kill-The-VAM_JBx2222.jpg]][[1885-O VAM-5A]] Slanted High Far Date, Die Scratch D (Eliminated, became [[1885-O VAM-18A|VAM-18A]])<br />
[[image:Kill-The-VAM_JBx2222.jpg]]1885-O VAM-6 Low Date (Eliminated, same as [[1885-O VAM-9|VAM-9]])<br />
[[image:VAM-Delisted.jpg]][[1885-O VAM-8]] Eliminated 2018 became [[1885-O VAM-23]] O Shifted Right<br />[[image:VAM-Delisted.jpg]][[1885-O VAM-11A]]Eliminated as die gouge is found in earliest die state. Far Date, High O, Die Gouge Wreath<br />
[[image:VAM-Delisted.jpg]] [[1885-O VAM-13A]] Far Date, Clashed Obverse N [[image:Lfcp-icon.jpg]]<br />
[[image:Kill-The-VAM_JBx2222.jpg]][[1885-O VAM-27]] Far Date, Doubled Ear (Eliminated, became [[1885-O VAM-18A|VAM-18A]])<br />[[image:Kill-The-VAM_JBx2222.jpg]][[1885-O VAM-32]] Far Date, O Shifted Right(Eliminated, same as [[1885-O VAM-28|VAM-28]])<br />[[image:Kill-The-VAM_JBx2222.jpg]] [[1885-O VAM-35]] Dash Under 8, O/O Left Slanted, Thread Impression Upper Lip <span style="color:#d33">*New 2020*</span> <br />
<br />
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