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Rmg 1891P 101020

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1891-P VAM-9C Doubled Ear, Die Break Left Wreath, UNITE, AMER, TATE
'''Reverse C3a-''' Small die break in left wreath opposite NI of UNITED on later die states. Displaced flied die breaks on later die states at UNITE, AMER and TATE. <br>
NO ==LVA Plate Photos==<gallery mode="packed" widths=350px heights=350px style="text-align:left" >1891 Vam-9C LVA Photo-1.jpg1891 Vam-9C LVA Photo-2.jpg1891 Vam-9C LVA Photo-3.jpg1891 Vam-9C LVA Photo-4.jpg1891 Vam-9C LVA Photo-5.jpg1891 Vam-9C LVA Photo-6.jpg</gallery>
== Posted Coin Comments ==

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