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1889-P VAM-23B

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[[image:1889-V7A-MITZYDOG-2COMP-LDS.jpg |792px ]]<br />
= Full Coin Photos =
Full Coin VAM 23B (EDS) images courtesy of Andrew Wojtowich (andywoj00). Attributed by John Roberts<br />
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89PV23B_AW082317_Obv_LFCP.jpg|Early Die Stage
89PV23B_AW082317_Rev_LFCP.jpg|Early Die Stage
Full Coin VAM 23B photo © Mitch Hill, used with permission. Attributed by Leroy Van Allen as VAM 7A, 2013.<br />
<gallery mode="slideshow">
89-P-V7A-OBV-DSC_0146.jpg|Middle Die Stage89-P-V7A-REV-DSC_0146.jpg|Middle Die Stage
[[1889-P VAM-7A#TOP|Top]]<br />

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