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1889-P VAM-7B

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LVA Plate Photos
=1889-P VAM-23C 7B High 9, Slightly Doubled Ear, Clashed Obverse n= Redesignated VAM 23C, 2019Revised September 2020.<br/>'''23C 7B III2 21 7 • C3a''' '''(Slanted DateHigh 9, Slightly Doubled Ear, Clashed Obverse n) (190) I-2 R-6'''<br />'''Obverse III2 21–7 –''' Later die state than VAM 7A. Clashed die with partial incuse n of In from reverse showing faintly next to Liberty head neck with diagonal . Die clash marks showing at Liberty head lips and cap back at ribbon of normal hardened die.<br />'''Reverse C3a -''' Normal die clash line marks on reverse at jaw-neck junctionsIn G and left and left and right wreath tops that didn't show for VAM 23A strong obverse die clash episode. (Formerly Same reverse die as for VAM 23 series but later die state after VAM 7B)23 obverse die deteriorated prematurely due to faulty die hardening and was retired.<br /> 
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# [ 4395 New Take on 1889 VAM 7B redesignated as VAM 23C23A
= LVA Plate Photos =
[[image<gallery mode=packed widths=400 heights=300 style="text-align:1889left">lva_89v7b-1.jpglva_89v7b-2.jpglva_89v7b-P_VAM3.jpglva_89v7b-4.jpglva_89v7b-7B_Clashed_n5.jpg]]<br /gallery
= Additional Photos =
[[image:DJC_1889_VAM-7B.JPG |800px]]<br />
= Full Coin Photos =
Large Full Coin Photo PacificWR of VAM-23C <br /><gallery mode="slideshow">1889-P VAM-23D Obverse 2.jpg|'''1889-P VAM-23C MS-64 Obverse'''1889-P VAM-23D Reverse 2.jpg|'''1889-P VAM-23C MS-64 Reverse'''</gallery>
[[1889-P VAM-7B#TOP|Top]]<br />

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