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1879-S VAM-77

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1879-S VAM-77 PAF, Engraved Wing Feather From 1878-S, 9 Upper Tailfeathers
1. Extremely rare in any grade.<br />
2. This obverse die was used on VAM-16A, VAM-34B , VAM-57, VAM-77, VAM-77A, and VAM-83.
POPULATION:10+ 10 Details in the SSDCR=20 especimens registered as of aug/2020,most in the range of vg to vf30 with only 1 xf40!(i know of at least 2 xf45's unregistered)
in fact vf30 is the pivotal grade for this variety,and if one is found in xf45 or better is a cost for celebration!,there's no mint state known <br />
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