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1921-P VAMs

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D2 reverse VAMs not Attributed (VNA)
* Letters in parentheses are the owner's initials. <br />
[[D2 VNA-01]] many Many cracks in STATES (unknown) <br />[[D2 VNA-02]] crack Crack from R to lower wreath (DH) <br />[[D2 VNA-03]] small Small dot in Liberty's eye (DH)<br />[[D2 VNA-04]] crack Crack through N in ONE (DH)<br />[[D2 VNA-05]] five Five lines in right wing (DH) <br />[[D2 VNA-06]] Cracks in first left star and ONE (DH) <br />
=== Formerly Listed ===
[[image:VAM-Delisted.jpg]][[1921 P D2 Reverse Past Assignments]]<br />

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