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1921-P VAMs

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Official List
[[image:New Camera.jpg]] [[1921-P VAM-116]] Tripled Left Stars, Doubled Profile, Scribbling Die Scratches #163 <span style="color:#d33">*New 2019*</span><br />
[[image:New Camera.jpg]] [[1921-P VAM-117]] Tripled/Doubled Stars & Date, Die Polishing Lines Rev <span style="color:#d33">*New 2019*</span><br />
'''D2 reverse VAMs not Attributed (VNA)''' <br />
The following pages are '''1921-P D2''' reverse coins that have previously been submitted for identification to <br />
Leroy Van Allen, ANACS, or Variety Slabbing Service (or not submitted at all due to lack of scribbles). <br />
All were called VAM 3. However, each coin seen here is a different VAM 3, with distinctive cracks , gouges, <br />
polishing lines or other pick up points (PUPs) that differentiate them from others. Earlier die state examples <br />
of VNA coins will hopefully surface in the future that allow conclusive VAM attributions to be made, but until <br />
then these listings may give vollectors more understanding of their coins. <br />
[[1921-P Unattributed]]<br />

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