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1887-P VAM-26

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1887-P VAM-26 Slanted Date
'''Reverse C3a -'''<br />
Die 1 - ''Die marker'' - 2 small gouges protrude on the (from bottom) 10th inner feather toward the outer feathers. Unique polishing marks in TF.<br />
Die 2 - ''Die marker'' -<br />football shape die chip at T (liberty)Die 3 - ''Die marker'' -<br />slanted date,unique horiz die scratch at bottom lower tfDie 4 - ''Die marker'' - Polishing lines right of wreath bow.<br />die chips at NI(united)die crack thru 188Die 5 - ''Die marker'' - Die polishing lines in wing-neck gap (same as VAM 37).<br />Die 6 - ''Die marker'' - Die polishing lines wing-neck gap.<br />unique die gouges inside BE (liberty)the one at top crosses BE
'''Comments:'''<br />

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