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1891-O VAM-1A4

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'''Comments:'''<br />
'''1.''' One other thing Leroy missed is this coin has a very rusty reverse die.<br />
'''2.''' So the order in progression is:<br />
* 1st VAM-1a1 1A1 Clash<br />* 2nd VAM-1a4 1A4 Clash Polishing and gouge<br />* 3rd VAM-1a2 1A2 Depression to Bump<br />* 4th VAM-1a3 1A3 Terminal break on Bump with non -displaced radial break from UNITED<br />
* [[VAM-1A1 Through 1A4|VAM-1A1 Through 1A4]]<br />
'''3.''' This is a very grade sensitive variety in all 4 VAMs; AU-58 and up are extremely Rare, and VAM-1A3 is just as rare in any AU grade.<br />

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