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1888-P VAM-7C

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1888-P VAM-7C Near Slanted Date, Doubled Wreath, Die Gouge State 4
'''Comments:'''<br />
'''1.''' The different stages of the VAM-7 die life have now been categorized as VAMs [[1888-P VAM-7|7]], [[1888-P VAM-7A|7A]], [[1888-P VAM-7B|7B]], [[1888-P VAM-7C|7C]], and [[1888-P VAM-7D|7D]]. The VAM-7C is represented '''''with''''' or '''''without''''' the gouge from the tailfeathers tail feathers to the field between arrow head shaft and olive branch. There are two large photos on this page showing the diference difference and they are labeled '''''EDS''''' and '''''LDS'''''.<br />
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