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1879-S VAM-67

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'''Obverse III2 36''' '''–''' Slightly doubled bottom of 18 and left outside of 9 upper loop. Most left and right stars tripled to quadrupled with tops of PLURIBUS slightly doubled and tripled towards rim. ''Die markers'' - Short horizontal die scratch spike in field at jaw-neck junction, broken scratch at hair vee above 7, long vertical polishing line at left end of cap ribbon and diagonal polishing line at top left of Y in LIBERTY.<br />
'''Reverse B2i –''' R in trust not broken. Feather engraved between eagle’s right wing and leg. ''Die'' ''marker''- Diagonal polishing line in middle of eagle’s left wing. Die state between VAMs [[1879-S VAM-52|52]] & [[1879-S VAM-43|43]].<br />
;Emission Sequence
:Obverse: '''67'''
:Reverse: [[1879-S VAM-52| 52]], '''67''', [[1879-S VAM-43|43]], [[1879-S VAM-50|50]], [[1879-S VAM-51|51]]
# Unknown uncirculated
'''Comments:''' <br />'''1.''' This reverse die was used on [[1879-S VAM-52|VAM-52]], [[1879-S VAM-67|VAM-67]], [[1879-S VAM-43|VAM-43]], [[1879-S VAM-50|VAM-50]], and [[1879-S VAM-51|VAM-51]].<br /> '''Threads:'''<br /> = LVA Plate Photos: =
[[image:1879SVAM67_quadcrop.jpg]]<br />
[[image:1879SVAM67LineRibbonEndplate.jpg]]<br />
= Additional Photos: =
Courtesy of Vampicker<br />
[[image:79s_v67_bearclaw_small.jpg |frame|left|79s_v67_bearclaw_small.jpg]]<br gallery mode=packed widths=400 heights=300 style="cleartext-align:both;left">No trading history<br />79s_v67_bearclaw_small.jpg1 known, discovery coin, ANACS VF 30<br />6/2013<br /gallery>
The Top 100 Morgan Dollar Varieties: The VAM Keys Copyright 2009 RCI. With permission from the authors Michael S. Fey, Ph.D., [[]], and Jeff Oxman, [[]]<br />

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