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1900-S Solution to NO Cracked Dies -WR

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Solution to the New Orleans Mint Cracked Dies
# [[1900-S Mr Downing assignment at NO Mint - WR|Director of The Mint Assigns Mr Downing to New Orleans Mint]]
# [[:image:MR Downing Approved to Travel To NO Mint - Page 62.png|Mr Downing Approved to Travel To NO Mint]]
# [[1900-S Mr Downing's solution to die problem - WR|Mr Downing's Three Four Reports on the New Orleans Mint die problem]]
# [[:image:MR Downing Request New Furnace for NO - Page 166.png|Mr Downing's request for Gas furnace to fix die problem]]
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''[[1900-S Die Problem WR |Back to 1900-S Die Problem]]''

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