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1900-S Die Information WR

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1900-S Die Information
|style=" text-align:left;" |''' 2. [[:image:SF Second Set of Dies Delivered.jpg|Second shipment of dies to San Franciscio]]''' ||style=" text-align:left;"|''' 2. [[1900-S C3 Reverse Dies - WR|1900-S C3 Reverse Dies]]'''
|style=" text-align:left;" |''' 3. [[:image:1900-S Third Set order of Dies Delivered.jpgdies to San Francisco - WR|Third shipment of dies to San Francisco]]''' ||style=" text-align:left;"|''' 3. [[1900-S C4/C3A Reverse Dies - WR|1900-S C3/C4 Reverse Dies]]'''
|style=" text-align:left;" |''' 4. [[:image:1900-S Fourth Set of Dies Delivered.jpg|Fourth shipment of dies to San Francisco]]'''||style=" text-align:left;"|''' 4. [[1900-S C4 Reverse Dies - WR|1900-S C4 Reverse Dies]]'''

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