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1900-S Boiler Problem - WR

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1900-S Boiler Problem
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Granite Lady 1874-1937.pngReceiving Room.pngOffice Foundation of Assistant Treasurer Cashier.png2nd floor officesU.png|2nd floor officesBullion cartsS.jpgWeighing Room SF Mint 1882Building New and Workers.pngWeighing Room SF Mint.jpg|Weighing RoomCorless Engine NONew U. 1S.pngBoiler Room Basement 2.pngBoiler Room Basement.pngDeposit Melting Room.pngDeposit Melting Room 2Mint Building 3 31 1899.png|Deposit Melting Room903-Old-Mint31-.jpgSilver Melting Room.png1899Silver Melting Room 2New U.pngWashing Room SF MintS.png|Washing Room SF MintCoining RoomBuilding 12 30 1899.png|Coining RoomCoining Room 2.pngCoining Room 3.pngSF12-Old30-Mint.jpg|Gold Ingot Production Ground Floor1899Gold bullion VaultNew U.png|Gold bullion vaultGold Storage in San Francisco MintS.jpgSan Francisco Mint VaultsBuilding 6 30 1900.jpgpng|Mint vaultSan Francisco Mint Vaults 6-30-2.jpg|Mint vaultSan francisco Mint Vaut Door.jpg|Vault doorMachine Shop SF Mint.jpg|Machine shop1906 Earthquake and SF Mint.png1906 Earthquake aftermath.png1906 SF Mint.png1906 Earthquake Damage.pngGranite Lady Remains Standing.png1900

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