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Mint Vaults and Storage of Morgan Dollars
# [[:image:Vault E Combination - Page 272.png|Vault E Combination]]
# [[Old Philadelphia Mint Vault Combinations - WR|Old Philadelphia Mint Vault Combinations]]
# [[:image:Phildelphia Mint's Vaults at Capacity - Page 73.png|Philadelphia Mint's Vaults at Capacity]]# [[1900-S Transport 3,500,00 Morgan Dollars to New Mint -WR|Transport 3,500,000 Morgan Dollars to New Mint vaults]]# [[:image:Mr H Hobb to Represent Mint New Vault - Page 389.png|Request to move 3,500,000 Morgan Dollars to New Philadelphia Mint Vaultsat Capacity]]
# [[:image:Emergency Power for Vaults - Page 514.png|Emergency Power for Vaults]]
# [[:image:Storage of Silver Dollars Sept - Page 738.png| Authority to Transfer Morgan Dollars in storage to new vault in the new Mint]]

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