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1878-P VAM-14.19

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1878-P VAM-14.19 8 Tailfeather, Doubled LI-ERTY
=1878-P VAM-14.19 8 Tailfeather, Doubled LI-ERTY=
Discovered August 1998 by Del Adler.<br />
'''14-19 I118 · A1d (Doubled LI-ERTY) (193) I-3 R-7 (R-9??)'''<br />
'''Obverse I118–''' LI-ERTY slightly doubled on right side. All left stars and first three right stars slightly doubled towards rim. Slightly doubled date with 1 doubled below upper crossbar, both 8's doubled on lower left outside of upper loop. 7 doubled on right side. Later die state shows a large vertical die crack from rim to right side of second 8 up to hair.<br />

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