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1878-P VAM-14

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1878-P VAM-14 Chip In Ear
=1878-P VAM-14 Chip In Ear=
Discovered by Leroy Van Allen, April 1973.<br />
'''14 I12 A1j (Doubled Motto) (193) I-2 R-4 (R-6???)'''<br />
'''Reverse A1j''' - Strong doubling of ONE, UNITED, STATES, OF, and IN GOD WE TRUST. Slight doubling of M, E, I, and A in AMERICA, D, O, and R in DOLLAR, right star and wreath. Two small feathers added on eagle's right and one small and one long on eagle's left side between leg and bottom of wing.<br />
'''Comments:'''<br />
1. Die Chip in ear.<br />
2. (R-6???) <br />
'''Threads:''' <br />

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