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1878-P VAM-1

No change in size, 24 January
1878-P VAM-1 Doubled E
=1878-P VAM-1 Doubled E=
Discovered by Leroy Van Allen, December 1965. Obverse discovered by Neil Shafer, November 1964.<br />
'''1 I21 – A1a (Doubled E) (188) 1-2 R-4 (R-5??)'''<br />
'''Obverse I²1''' - Slightly doubled bottom letters in E PLURIBUS UNUM. First star on right doubled on left side. First five stars on left doubled slightly on right side. 187 in date is slightly doubled 1 is doubled at top of bottom crossbar. First 8 is doubled at bottom inside of lower loop. 7 is doubled on left side of vertical shaft.<br />
'''Reverse A¹a''' - First 8 TF design type used, with raised beak, small feathers between eagle's legs and bottom wings, I of IN touching top of eagle's wing. This die variety has inside E of ONE, R of DOLLAR and last A of AMERICA strongly doubled. Letters of legend frequently have machine doubling. Two small feathers added on eagle's right side and three on eagle's left side between leg and bottom of wing.<br />
# PCGS labels this "Spear Point," because the tip of the added wing feather next to the eagles body is shaped like a spear point. There is a curving die scratch between ONE and Dollar. However, an EDS found in July 2007 does not exhibit this scratch nor exhibit the typically seen obverse or reverse die cracks.<br />
# The 1878-P VAM-1 is an [[8 Tailfeather Morgan|8 tailfeather coin]]. An [[8TF Guide|8 tailfeather attribution guide]] is available on VAMworld.<br />
# The VAM-1 is a common to scarce variety.(R-5??)<br />
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