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1900-S Boiler Problem - WR

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1900-S Boiler Problem
|+San Francisco Mint Equipment Problems
|'''Working conditions at the San Francisco Mint in 1900 stand in sharp contrast compared to today standards (2020). In 1900 at the San Francisco Mint there was no electrical lighting, most machinery had not been upgraded or replaced since 1874 and the machinery did not run off of electricity. In addition, at all three mints the boilers, ovens and furnaces were fueled by wood or coal. In March of 1900 the first gas fired Annealing furnace went online at the Philadelphia Mint. Shortly after the Annealing furnace went online gas was extended to the Melting, Tempering and furnaces for die department. The New Orleans Mint first gas plant was online by May 25, 1900. The new Philadelphia Mint building that open opened in 1901 had the most modern equipment for that time period.'''
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