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1900-S Boiler Problem - WR

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1900-S Boiler Problem
= 1900-S Boiler Problem =
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|+1900-S Die Equipment Problems
|'''In 1900 the San Francisco and New Orleans branch mints reported problems with the dies being shipped from the Philadelphia mint. By no means was 1900 the first year both branch mints reported problems with the dies. Even the Carson City Branch mint had reported problems with the dies when it was in operation. The main problem according to the branch mints was the dies would not last (die life) as long as would be expected. Chief Engraver [ Charles E. Barber] addressed each of the branch mints concerns in the links below.'''
! align="center" |'''[[1900-S VAM-23|1900-S VAM-23 Obverse/Reverse]] '''||'''[[1900-O VAM-8B|1900-O/CC VAM-8B Obverse/Reverse]] '''
! align="left" | '''Branch Mint San Francisco Die Equipment Problems'''
! align="left" | '''Branch Mint New Orleans Die Problems '''

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