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1882-CC VAM-2A2

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1882-CC VAM-2A2 Doubled 882, 1 Top Below Left 8
'''1.''' VAM 2A2, the main characteristics of a VAM 2A1 should all still be around, just polished down a bit. Heavier subsequent polishing marks the next point in the progression, VAM 2B1. Those partially polished out die lines around the right stars are a good indicator of a VAM 2A2.<br />
'''2.''' VAM-2, VAM-2A1,VAM-2A2, and VAM-2B1 show the top of a misplaced "1" below the first "8" in the date.<br />
'''3.''' The extraneous die polishing marks under the first and second stars to the right of the date are only present on VAM-2<br />'''4.''' , VAM-2A1 and VAM-2A2<br />
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