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1880-S VAM-22

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1880-S VAM-22 Doubled 880
'''Comments:'''<br />
'''1.''' This '''exact ''' obverse shared with [[1880-S VAM-21|VAM-21]] and VAM-22.<br />'''2.''' This reverse '''type ''' shared with [[1880-S VAM-3|VAM-3]], [[1880-S VAM-6|VAM-6]], [[1880-S VAM-17|VAM-17]], VAM-22, [[1880-S VAM-29|VAM-29]], [[1880-S VAM-31|VAM-31]], [[1880-S VAM-53|VAM-53]], [[1880-S VAM-57|VAM-57]], [[1880-S VAM-58|VAM-58]], [[1880-S VAM-65|VAM-65]], [[1880-S VAM-73|VAM-73]], [[1880-S VAM-80|VAM-80]], [[1880-S VAM-81|VAM-81]], [[1880-S VAM-83|VAM-83]],[[1880-S VAM-86|VAM-86]], [[1880-S VAM-96|VAM-96]].<br />
'''3.''' Since VAM numbers are assigned by die classification, the shared reverses above are all C3c, very large S centered mint mark tilted left. All may not be the exact same die, but all fit the reverse die classification.<br />

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