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/* The VAM of the Week: 1888-O VAM-36A Double Ear, Doubled Right Reverse, High O, Bulge below TF
'''[[VAMWorld Backup List]]'''<br />
'''This VAM does not get a lot of attention but it is one I have cherished for many of years. I own one in a old ANACS holder in MS64 and I think I will never let it go.''' <br />
= '''The VAM of the Week:''' [[18831888-O VAM-57A36A]] Double Ear, Doubled Ear & 1Right Reverse, Beveled Tail FeatherHigh O, Die Break 8Bulge below TF=
[[18831888-O VAM-57A36A]] '''Double Ear, Doubled Ear & 1Right Reverse, Beveled Tail FeatherHigh O, Die Break 8Bulge below TF'''<br />
This week's '''VOTW''' is the [[18831888-O VAM-57A36A]]. The [[1883-O VAM-57A]] is one of my favorite VAMs. Main features of this VAM is the radial die crack from rim up past right side of right 8 with displaced field break and the beveled bottom of right tail feathers.
= LVA Plate Photos =[[image:vincar_1883_o_V57a_1TB1888OV36APLATED.jpg]]<br />
= Additional Photos =[[image:vincar_1883_o_V57a_21888_O_VAM36A_DC12COMPS_CFE.jpg|841px ]]<br /><gallery mode="packed" widths=275px heights=275px perrow=3>image:CFE_07-30-2010_1888-O_V36_TAILFEATHER-BEVELING2.jpg|frame|Upper and Lower TF bulges and Polishing.image:CFE_07-30-2010_1888-O_V36_TAILFEATHER-BEVELING3.jpg|frame|Upper and Lower TF bulges and Polishing.image:CFE_07-30-2010_1888-O_V36_CRACK1.jpg|frame|Date Placement.image:CFE_07-30-2010_1888-O_V36_CRACK7.jpg|frame|Minor Obverse Cracks.image:jjw88obreak.jpg |frame|Date from another specimen.image:ja88O-36-crack-rim-1.jpg |frame|Crack rim to 1 with small die chips.image:ja88O-36-crack-1-8.jpg |frame|Crack rim to 1 with small die chips.image:ja88O-36-crack-8-hair.jpg |frame|Crack 8 into hair.image:ja88O-rt-rev.jpg |frame|Doubled Right Reverse.image:ja88O-36-eagle-head.jpg |frame|Bearded eagle.image:ja88O-36-bow-tail.jpg |frame|Beveled area between Bow and tail.image:ja88O-36-mint-m.jpg |frame|High O round mint mark.</gallery>Discovery Coin Obverse<br />[[image:vincar_1883_o_V57a_3CFE_07-30-2010_1888-O_V36_OBVERSE.jpg]]<br />Discovery Coin Reverse<br />[[image:vincar_1883_o_V57a_4CFE_07-30-2010_1888-O_V36_REVERSE.jpg]]<br />
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