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The VAM of the Week: 1921-D VAM-1H4 Rim Cud Break 1-4 Left Stars (The King of Cud)
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'''[[VAMWorld Backup List]]'''<br />
= '''The VAM of the Week:''' [[19211883-D P VAM-1H44]] Rim Cud Break Doubled 1-4 Left Stars (The King of Cud)83, 8 in Denticles= Discovery 2015 Micheal AshDiscovered by Leroy Van Allen, December 1965.<br />'''1H4 IV1 - D2a 4'''(revised) '''III2 4 · C3a (Rim Cud Break Doubled 1-4 Left Stars83, 8 in Denticles) (189180) I-5 4 R-84'''<br />'''Obverse IV1 -III2 4 –''' Chunk of VLDS broke off Strongly doubled 1-83 in date. 1 doubled below top crossbar and at top right. 83 strongly doubled at edge from neck point up to fourth top left star and into rim side points right outside. Second 8 also doubled at top right outside of 1-lower loop and 3 doubled at top of lower serif and bottom left stars including rim and denticlesinside of lower loop. Largest die cud on Morgan series Top of 8 shows in denticle space between 8's as raised curved bar and in prime location adjacent left denticle space as diagonal curved line on lower left obverseright side. only second cud known with rim and denticles broken off <br />'''Reverse C3a''' – Normal die.<br />
[['''Comments:''' <br />'''1.''' The dramatically shifted doubled date. Most examples do not show this much detail in the doubled 3.<br /> <gallery mode="packed" widths=300px heights=300px perrow=3>image:1883-P_VAM-4_8_in_Denticles.jpgimage:21D1883-1HP_VAM-CRACK4_Dbld_1-CUD83.jpg |1008px]]<br />[[image:21_D_1H4_LVA_Article1883-P_VAM-4_Dbld_83.jpg |1008px ]]<br /gallery>
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