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1898-P VAM-1

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Full Coin Photos
From Heritage's auction archives a PCGS MS-67 with Heritage Plates [[ here]] [[ here]]<br />
'''This next set of LFCP photos is more akin to the date photos that Logan McKechnie placed on the page back in 2009. It has some interesting features that include the three strong gouges into the field from the top wheat kernel. In all of the messaging concerning the 1898-P VAMs, there is no mention of this feature in any post. This set is from the [[ Heritage Auctions]].'''<br /><gallery mode="slideshow">1898_RonH_VAM-1_OBV_05292012.jpg1898_RonH_VAM-1_REV_05292012.jpg</gallery>
[[1898-P VAM-1#TOP|Top]]<br />

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