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The VAM of the Week: 1890-O VAM-13A Near Date, High O, Extreme Die Wear Reverse
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= '''The VAM of the Week:''' [[18901921-O D VAM-13A1H4]] Near Date, High O, Extreme Die Wear ReverseRim Cud Break 1-4 Left Stars (The King of Cud)= Discovery 20082015 Micheal Ash<br />'''1H4 IV1 - D2a (Rim Cud Break 1-4 Left Stars) (189) I-5 R-8'''<br />'''Obverse IV1 -''' Chunk of VLDS broke off at edge from neck point up to fourth left star and into rim side points of 1-3 left stars including rim and denticles. Revised 2010Largest die cud on Morgan series and in prime location on lower left obverse. Revised 02/2013only second cud known with rim and denticles broken off die. Revised 07/14/13 (OCC)<br />
'''13A (revised) III2 6 [[image:21D- C3b (Near Date, High O, Doubled Ear, Extreme Die Wear Reverse) (181) I1H-4 RCRACK-6'''<br />'''Obverse III2 6 -''' Near date at right edge of near date lateral position with slight slant. Ear slightly doubled at right inside and outside plus bottom of ear lobe but very weak on some specimens before additional die polishing. Fourth left star has small die chip on rim side on later die statesCUD.jpg |1008px]]<br />''Die marker - ''Three diagonal polishing lines beneath cap fold[[image:21_D_1H4_LVA_Article.jpg |1008px ]]<br /> '''Reverse C3b -''' Extreme die wear with crumbled die chips in left wreath, die chips in I, G & e of In God We Trust and sunken fields and die chips around legend letters. Some specimens show single or double clash vertical line through G but no clashed letters and no clash marks on obverse. Not a counterfeit die.<br />''Die marker -'' Horizontal die polishing lines in space left of eagle's left leg.<br />   <gallery mode="packed" widths=450px heights=450px perrow=2>1890-O VAM-13A Obverse.jpg1890-O VAM-13A Reverse.jpg1890-O VAM-13A Reverse2.jpg1890-O VAM-13A Reverse3.jpg</gallery>
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