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1887-P VAM-26

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1887-P VAM-26 Slanted Date
Revised 2015 by Mysterio to add Die 2. Revised 2017 by tmanhg to add Die 3. Revised 2018 by tmanhg to add Die 4. Revised 2019 by Andrew Wojtowich to add Die 6.<br />
'''26 (revised) III2 25 - C3a (Slanted Date) (190) I-2 R-5'''<br />
'''Obverse III2 25-''' Date in normal lateral position and slanted with 1 closest to rim.<br />Die 1 - ''Die marker -'' Possible in middle hair gouge below IBE of LIBERTYunique die scratch inside ear (at bottom) .<br />Die 2 - ''Die marker'' - Several raised lumps in football shape die chip at top of T in LIBERTY(liberty).<br />Die 3 - ''Die marker'' - slanted date, Diagonal polish lines on BE TY of LIBERTY<br />Die 4 - Date at left side of normal lateral position. ''Die marker-'' Polishing lines in RTY of LIBERTY.,die crack thru 188<br />Die 5 - Date slightly left of middle normal lateral position. Slightly doubled Liberty head profile at nose and upper lip. ''Die marker'' - Die polishing lines in RTY of LIBERTY.(KILLED)<br />Die 6 - Date left edge of normal lateral position. ''Die marker'' - Die polishing lines in RT of LIBERTY. ,slanted,unique die gouges inside BE (liberty) the one at top crosses BE <br />
'''Reverse C3a -'''<br />
Die 1 - ''Die marker'' - 2 small gouges protrude on the (from bottom) 10th inner feather toward the outer feathers. Unique polishing marks in TFsame die as vam 26A but no gouge thru A.<br />Die 2 - ''Die marker'' -die crack running from D thru wing at top of s ending at denticles<br />Die 3 - ''Die marker'' -unique horiz die scratch at bottom lower tf<br />
Die 4 - ''Die marker'' - Polishing lines right of wreath bow.<br />
Die 5 - ''Die marker'' - Die polishing lines in wing-neck gap .(same as VAM 37KILLED).<br />
Die 6 - ''Die marker'' - Die polishing lines wing-neck gap.<br />

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