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1883-O VAM-63A

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1883-O VAM-63A Doubled 18-3, O Set High, Beveled Below Tail Feathers
'''Comments:'''<br />
'''1.''' This is a "2 for 1". The 1883-O VAM 63A has been discovered but the VAM 63 (no beveling below tail feathers) is just a place holder and .<br />'''2.''' VAM-63 has NOT yet been seenattributed by LVA May 2019. Two examples of VAM-63A were sent in with this coin for comparison. See LVS's comments in 83-O VAM-63 paragraph at [ LVA's Discovery/Revision Letter Jun 2019]<br />'''23.''' It should also be mentioned that the discovery piece has some nice die chips in the ear that could make nice Die Markers.<br />
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